What to read from our coworking members at Venture X

As America reopens, Venture X locations are taking all precautions to protect our members’ health during this unique chapter in our history – following the CDC and WHO guidelines, wearing face coverings, providing sanitizing stations, frequently cleaning high traffic areas, and social distancing. During the shutdown, America paused and a lot of small- and medium-sized business owners found time to read or listen to more new books or revisited old favorites than they typically have time for, which inspired them and kept them motivated during these challenging times. Reading is one of those things that busy business owners often struggle to make time for. Those who do make the time to read, however, know it can be life-changing by sparking new ideas, keeping them connected with the greater business community, helping them shift their priorities, giving them a new perspective, and so much more. In short, reading can help entrepreneurs and business owners become better business leaders. Bo

Did COVID kill the workplace? Bring Teams Back to Work with Flexible Workspace Solutions

We are finally emerging from the pandemic and with more people vaccinated, we are seeing a return to more normal times, especially in the social aspects of our lives. People are gathering to catch up with friends and relatives they haven’t seen in person for about a year. As large companies get back up to speed, it’s obvious that things have changed dramatically. Since the pandemic proved that people can work from any place they have access to technology, COVID-19 killed the traditional workplace. COVID-19 caused a paradigm shift in the way businesses want to operate, as well as the way employees, desire to work.  Lessons from the pandemic When businesses in traditional office spaces went remote in March 2020, everyone did their best to step up to keep the wheels of commerce turning. Video conferencing, with its quirky, adorable, and sometimes embarrassing encounters, worked. Working from home proved tenable, due in some part to the fact that this arrangement afforded employees more ti

When Employees return what do they want in a workspace?

Collaboration space?  Social functions?  Coffee?  You might be surprised.... Big questions loom for corporations, organizations, and their employees about the return to the office during this pandemic-induced period of transition. What will it look like? Who will be there? What will draw us to it? What do employees want? What do they need to do their best in this coming post-remote work world? We’ve lived with work from home for more than 12 months now. But, with vaccination rollouts and safety protocols in place, many workers are returning to the office. Experts in the workplace design world and the commercial real estate community are predicting that broad adoption of the hybrid workplace model (allowing a mix of work from home and work from the office) is likely. This would result in a decline in the need for office space and a changing role for the office space that remains. But, in fact, these predictions are mostly conjecture based on a mass remote-working experiment. To understa

Why You Should Book a Professional Meeting Space for Your Next Meeting

During the height of the pandemic, everyone discovered the new skill of finding a way to do things together while being apart. Now, as the COVID-19 vaccine is creating a safer place to work and live, we can start to find ways to reconnect with our friends, family, and business colleagues in person. Although many people are working from home for the foreseeable future and many corporate buildings are not set to reopen any time soon, businesses are finding that they need in-person meetings. One of the many benefits surrounding the evolution of coworking and flexible office spaces lies in the fact that most shared office spaces feature  high-tech meeting and conference rooms  that are available at reasonable rates in high-demand locations. In a time when mobility is taking a prominent position in the way we work, renting professional meeting spaces for various in-person teams and groups can make life feel a little more normal. Bringing team members and clients into a professional setting

Changing your location to a Coworking Space

  Coworking Spaces Coworking space is a term used to describe neutral spaces where people go to work on independent projects without depending on one another.  Unlike a typical office, the people in coworking spaces may not be working for the same company or enterprise, and they may not even know one another prior to meeting in the work environment.  Who can use the coworking space? Remote workers or freelancers : Whether you are an influencer, digital personnel, programmer, writer, or a person who engages in cryptocurrency trading, there is a high possibility that you will meet people who are working on similar projects in a coworking environment. Sometimes you might be stuck with no idea on what to do next, but within a coworking environment, you will always find people who can offer you ideas on how to go around your problems! Small business : Coworking spaces tend to offer a lower cost option therefore, small businesses or startups can leverage them to grow and cut overhead costs s

Explaining the Need for Flexible Offices during a Pandemic

The coworking industry is changing rapidly, which has been the case for several years as the nature of work keeps evolving. More people than ever before are transitioning to a remote work lifestyle or a hybrid arrangement that has them in the office on some days and working from home or elsewhere on other days.  However, the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has impacted all types of businesses and industries. Here is a look at how the year 2020 is changing coworking, as well as how coworking spaces can help businesses of all sizes navigate the pandemic.   1. A Thriving Place for Startups Launching a new business has always been a costly endeavor. According to one study, the average cost of starting a new business is around $30,000. For most businesses, part of the cost of getting started involves renting or buying office space and related items, such as furniture and computer equipment. This is where coworking offers significant savings.  By renting a coworking space rather than leasing or

Coworking from our Community Coordinator

Coworking or shared office space continues to be a new and growing way to work.  For some, there is still so much unknown about coworking.  This blog will discuss the reason why coworking has become so popular and answer questions you may have about this new way to work.  Here are the top three reasons to join our Venture X community and how to get the most out of your membership from our community coordinator’s perspective. Membership Based Agreement- Not a Contract As the community coordinator, I have given tours to companies and individuals who do not want to be limited by a lease.  They tend to be in growth mode or with plans to grow.  They may only have an individual with big plans or a few people but within months they plan to have upwards of 8 people.  They need the flexibility to grow or constrict as their business changes.  So how does it work?  Sign-up is a breeze and can take as little at 15 minutes! You’re billed once a month for your membership fees and if you w