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How Coworking Can Help Grow Your Business

As exhilarating and freeing as working from home and launching your own business seems at first, after a while, you want to get out of those sweats and go somewhere else to work. The distractions of your home office may be taking their toll on your productivity or, you’re starting to feel isolated and cut off from the rest of the business world because your home office is your business environment. You know you need an office space that’s not connected to your home but renting office spaces can lock you into long-term leases that you can’t really afford, not to mention the maintenance and labor overhead that comes with operating out of your own office. Then there’s the whole ordeal of office design and outfitting, with even more expenses for furniture, equipment, technology, coffee, water and whatever other amenities you might want in your office setting. Out of your comfort zone?  Overwhelmed at the thought of how setting up an office will pull you in a gazillion different directions

Coworker Pass in Denver

Denver Coworks Alliance Announces Immediate Availability of the Denver Coworks Passport Freelancers, remote workers, and consultants can now access fifteen of the most highly sought-after coworking communities at no cost Denver, Colorado— March 20 th , 2019 — Today, the Denver Coworks Alliance announced the immediate availability of its Denver Coworks Passport to allow individuals including entrepreneurs, freelancer, remote workers, and consultants to experience the benefits of coworking in Denver and the surrounding areas.    Denver has one of the most vibrant coworking communities in the country with 2.2 million square feet being dedicated to coworking.   The aim of the Denver Coworks Passport program is to highlight the benefits a coworking community can have for individuals or small business as well as help them find the perfect coworking space. “ We wanted to put the focus back on the freelancer that builds amazing websites, a remote worker that is traveling to