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Networker or Nag? How to Network Effectively in a Coworking Space

One of the most talked-about perks of shared office spaces revolves around the many networking opportunities that abound in coworking spaces. Ultimately, connecting with other business professionals, with the potential to collaborate, attracts many business owners to coworking spaces but how can you network effectively in this environment? Not every business owner possesses the delicate talent of networking, but every business professional understands that business and personal development are essential to growing your brand. Coworking spaces embody built-in networking opportunities  if  you know how to navigate the territory. When working alongside many of the same people every day, its natural that curiosity will lead some members to want to find out more about their neighbors. Making yourself available to other members’ inquiries and being willing to exchange information and insights can help ignite relationships with your neighbors. Observe before you leap In open community en