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What is the real cost of using commercial real estate?

As an owner of a Venture X shared office space for over sixteen months, I have fielded many questions on the cost of “using” real estate.   Location, cost, and services are the three factors in the decision-making process for most entrepreneurs and small businesses.  I am far from an expert in the commercial real estate business, but I do have real-life experience in offering a great product and service to my customers at Venture X in Denver.  The focus of this discussion is the cost of a private office and how it plays in the decision process.  Needless to say, the cost is directly impacted by the other two factors of location and service. I find when talking with prospects about Venture X and our private offices the discussion usually starts with how much per square foot.  This question signals to me that the prospective customer is having a hard time differentiating between traditional office real estate and what we call shared offices or coworking.  M