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Coworking from our Community Coordinator

Coworking or shared office space continues to be a new and growing way to work.  For some, there is still so much unknown about coworking.  This blog will discuss the reason why coworking has become so popular and answer questions you may have about this new way to work.  Here are the top three reasons to join our Venture X community and how to get the most out of your membership from our community coordinator’s perspective. Membership Based Agreement- Not a Contract As the community coordinator, I have given tours to companies and individuals who do not want to be limited by a lease.  They tend to be in growth mode or with plans to grow.  They may only have an individual with big plans or a few people but within months they plan to have upwards of 8 people.  They need the flexibility to grow or constrict as their business changes.  So how does it work?  Sign-up is a breeze and can take as little at 15 minutes! You’re billed once a month for your membership fees and if you w