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Explaining the Need for Flexible Offices during a Pandemic

The coworking industry is changing rapidly, which has been the case for several years as the nature of work keeps evolving. More people than ever before are transitioning to a remote work lifestyle or a hybrid arrangement that has them in the office on some days and working from home or elsewhere on other days.  However, the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has impacted all types of businesses and industries. Here is a look at how the year 2020 is changing coworking, as well as how coworking spaces can help businesses of all sizes navigate the pandemic.   1. A Thriving Place for Startups Launching a new business has always been a costly endeavor. According to one study, the average cost of starting a new business is around $30,000. For most businesses, part of the cost of getting started involves renting or buying office space and related items, such as furniture and computer equipment. This is where coworking offers significant savings.  By renting a coworking space rather than leasing or