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When Employees return what do they want in a workspace?

Collaboration space?  Social functions?  Coffee?  You might be surprised.... Big questions loom for corporations, organizations, and their employees about the return to the office during this pandemic-induced period of transition. What will it look like? Who will be there? What will draw us to it? What do employees want? What do they need to do their best in this coming post-remote work world? We’ve lived with work from home for more than 12 months now. But, with vaccination rollouts and safety protocols in place, many workers are returning to the office. Experts in the workplace design world and the commercial real estate community are predicting that broad adoption of the hybrid workplace model (allowing a mix of work from home and work from the office) is likely. This would result in a decline in the need for office space and a changing role for the office space that remains. But, in fact, these predictions are mostly conjecture based on a mass remote-working experiment. To understa

Why You Should Book a Professional Meeting Space for Your Next Meeting

During the height of the pandemic, everyone discovered the new skill of finding a way to do things together while being apart. Now, as the COVID-19 vaccine is creating a safer place to work and live, we can start to find ways to reconnect with our friends, family, and business colleagues in person. Although many people are working from home for the foreseeable future and many corporate buildings are not set to reopen any time soon, businesses are finding that they need in-person meetings. One of the many benefits surrounding the evolution of coworking and flexible office spaces lies in the fact that most shared office spaces feature  high-tech meeting and conference rooms  that are available at reasonable rates in high-demand locations. In a time when mobility is taking a prominent position in the way we work, renting professional meeting spaces for various in-person teams and groups can make life feel a little more normal. Bringing team members and clients into a professional setting