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Did COVID kill the workplace? Bring Teams Back to Work with Flexible Workspace Solutions

We are finally emerging from the pandemic and with more people vaccinated, we are seeing a return to more normal times, especially in the social aspects of our lives. People are gathering to catch up with friends and relatives they haven’t seen in person for about a year. As large companies get back up to speed, it’s obvious that things have changed dramatically. Since the pandemic proved that people can work from any place they have access to technology, COVID-19 killed the traditional workplace. COVID-19 caused a paradigm shift in the way businesses want to operate, as well as the way employees, desire to work.  Lessons from the pandemic When businesses in traditional office spaces went remote in March 2020, everyone did their best to step up to keep the wheels of commerce turning. Video conferencing, with its quirky, adorable, and sometimes embarrassing encounters, worked. Working from home proved tenable, due in some part to the fact that this arrangement afforded employees more ti