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What to read from our coworking members at Venture X

As America reopens, Venture X locations are taking all precautions to protect our members’ health during this unique chapter in our history – following the CDC and WHO guidelines, wearing face coverings, providing sanitizing stations, frequently cleaning high traffic areas, and social distancing. During the shutdown, America paused and a lot of small- and medium-sized business owners found time to read or listen to more new books or revisited old favorites than they typically have time for, which inspired them and kept them motivated during these challenging times. Reading is one of those things that busy business owners often struggle to make time for. Those who do make the time to read, however, know it can be life-changing by sparking new ideas, keeping them connected with the greater business community, helping them shift their priorities, giving them a new perspective, and so much more. In short, reading can help entrepreneurs and business owners become better business leaders. Bo